Palmer Mirro-Mastic® – Gallon Can

palmer mirror mastic

Palmer Mirro-Mastic® – Gallon Can

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  • The Industry Standard for High Quality Mastic

  • Cures to a Strong, Permanent Bond

  • Does Not Become Hard or Brittle with Age

  • Palmer Application Guidelines Available Here

Palmer Mirro-Mastic® is an adhesive mastic formulated for adhering plate glass mirror and acrylic mirror to various substrates, such as drywall, wood, glass, metal, or tile. Mirro-Mastic® is ideal for large mirrored walls, columns and vanities. Mirro-Mastic® does not become hard or brittle with age. Unopened cans have a two-year shelf life. Mirro-Mastic® may be used with CRL Category Two Safety Tape Film that has been washed with a 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol (IPA). All applications must have permanent bottom support and mechanical fasteners. Palmer Mirro-Mastic® also qualifies for LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System™ credit.

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